Aioli Sauce: The New Taste Sensation by 3P Salads!

Since 1998, 3P Salads has been continuously evolving, drawing inspiration from Greek cuisine and the global culinary landscape. The company consistently creates innovative products known for their authentic flavors and unique textures, providing exceptional solutions for culinary professionals. Aioli Sauce is one such product. This brand-new addition aligns with modern trends in street food and mass catering, offering you the opportunity to craft distinctive dishes for your customers. By combining flavorful mayonnaise with the freshness of strained yogurt and infusing it with the delightful blend of garlic and Mediterranean basil notes, Aioli Sauce sparks creativity and modernizes traditional recipes. 3P’s latest sauce is designed to elevate your burgers, give a contemporary twist to classic gyro pita, sandwiches and tortilla-based creations, all in a delightfully unexpected manner. It adds a wonderful color, distinctive flavor, and aromatic touch. It can even work its magic as the secret ingredient in alternative chicken pizzas, give a modern “fresh & garlic” spin to your green salads, complement fried potatoes, and enhance the enjoyment of most Mediterranean mezes, adding a new dimension in harmony with today’s gastronomy.
Let your imagination run wild with Aioli Sauce!