Street food. Why do we love it?

How many times have you stopped to enjoy a delicious hot dog from your favorite canteen after a night out with friends? How many times have you stopped after work or school at your favorite burger restaurant for a juicy burger? How many Greek summer nights have you been hanging out with friends with a traditional souvlaki wrap in hand? Burger, souvlaki, hot dog, falafel or noodles, whatever you vote for, street food is a habit that we all love!
Why, though?

Street food is all about simplicity and convenience. You’re on the streets, you want something fast and delicious that will satisfy your taste buds — there is no way you can’t find something that will do the job.

Street food is cheap. For a few euros you can enjoy so many different flavors. Nowadays, the level of quality has risen so high that we can enjoy street food prepared by excellent chefs.

Portrait of two beautiful young women buying barbecue potatoes on a food truck in the park.

Street food is… on the street! Especially in Greece, where the weather is generally good, with extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year, what better way than to pick our favorite burger or souvlaki and sit down on a bench to enjoy it with friends?

Street food is not “impersonal”. The businesses that are active in the field are usually small, so even the owner himself may serve customers. If you visit them often, they get to know you by your first name and you won’t even have to ask for your order — they probably remember your favorite choices and will happily serve you with a big smile!

Finally, street food knows no borders. We cannot ignore the huge range of options that we can taste nowadays. In addition to the classic Greek and American dishes, one can choose from a variety of options from cuisines around the world: noodles, falafel, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Cuban, Indian, Hawaiian, and many more!

In short, street food has evolved into a small, affordable foodie’s paradise. Just open the door and get ready to discover your new street food favourite!